Hi, I'm Chase.

Growing up with two physicians for parents who thrust me into sports since age 4, I have always been surrounded and intrigued by the athletics, health and fitness from an early age. Inspired by my parents and wanting to follow in their footsteps, I initially set out to become a doctor by embarking on the pre-medical in undergrad path. Throughout my experience, however, I came to realize that I was more passionate about the preventative healthcare and fitness side of medicine.

After the eye-opening experience of working at a physical therapy clinic, I discovered my passion for working with people to overcome obstacles that detrimentally affected their quality of life. It wasn't long after moving on that I found myself teaching group fitness classes, personal training, co-founding an online fitness business platform, and coaching people who thought they were too busy to be healthy. 

I haven't looked back since, and I strive everyday to further my mission:  to massively impact the world by helping others become the best version of themselves.

Tell me how I can help you reach your goal - and we WILL get you there.